Favorite Books

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Faith and Science come together to help us heal and grow. Be sure to use Your Faithful Brain Ignited! as your literal guide through this

Go on a journey to igniting the important connections with God, others and within yourself. Best read with the original Your Faithful Brain.

What does love look like when we see past the outer circumstances? A lot like this story. One you will want to pass on to friends and family

Ever been in a season that feels like the title reads? Yeah, me too. Come see how God fits is present in a time that make Him seem absent.

Bob will be one of your best friends by the end of this book. If you don't walk away inspired and challenged, you weren't paying attention.

An example of what can happen when we step out of our comfort zone! I love the journey this book takes us on; one of hope, help and healing. 

If we hope to be spiritually healthy, we must also be emotionally healthy. This book beautifully explores how the two are inseparable

There are a lot of books out there about God and ways to experience Him, but this one is at the top of my list. Explore the God Jesus knows.

How many times have we all said the words in this title in our daily struggles? This early work helps us feel not so alone in the process.

I give this to clients and families alike when addiction is present. A guide to authentic healing and a new understanding of addiction.

We love her Dare books, but this earlier work speaks to embracing what we are and letting go of the shoulds. Empowering and personal. 

Surviving father wounds, this book touched my heart at a deep level. If you hurt from past father-wounds, it will speak to your heart too.

There may be none better to help us on the journey to forgiveness than Tutu, given his first-hand accounts of what it’s like to forgive at the deepest levels.

Evans helps us not only recognize abusive relationships, but helps us with practical advice on how to respond and stay safe (emotionally, mentally and physically) in the process.

Another great work from Thompson! The Soul of Shame helps us recognize the depths to which shame effects us and how to heal from it.

This is an incredible and unique perspective on faith & science and how we can harness both to connect with ourselves and each other.

This book got me through my intern year. It helped me stay present and connected to The Source. It will do the same for you. Read slowly!

With an inspiring and authentic perspective, Smedes leads us through a manageable breakdown of the
stages of forgiveness and helps us understand how to make forgiveness a reality.

The author takes us on a practical journey to transform difficult
emotions like anger, fear, and shame into unconditional love, gratitude, and peace.

In this time-tested resource, Beattie helps us learn what codependency looks
like and how we can break free from its grip in our lives.

This helpful resource gives us insight and the tools and needed to help transform our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. But one of my favorite things about this book is that it gives the scientific and emotional perspective as well. Jenny doesn't peddle a simple "change your thinking" message. She has carefully compiled the science and the spiritual to help us see all sides.

Dr. Edie shares her remarkable personal journey with the moving stories of those she has helped
heal, offering us inspiration for our own healing journeys. She masterfully illustrates how we can be imprisoned in our own minds and she shows us how to find our key to freedom. This book is a beacon of hope and comfort for the generation now and those to come.

At the heart of Viktor Frankl’s theory is a conviction that our primary, human drive is not pleasure, as but rather the discovery and pursuit of what is meaningful. In today’s world, with our new challenges and uncertainties, this classic work continues to inspire us all to find significance in the very act of
living, in spite of all obstacles.

Think Differently Live Differently is a unique book, written to shift the way your mind works. Outlining a pathway to personal freedom, this book employs several strategies designed specifically to impact the parts of the mind most able to promote change and restoration. Bob helps us see that the WAY we think might just be the key to WHAT we think.

This is a wonderful companion to the journey of healing, with down to earth, practical direction to
help heal from the past and grow into our future. Dr. Cloud combines his professional and personal experience to guide to deeper connection with others, how to maintain our healthy individual life, grow into deeper emotional and spiritual maturity. This book comes complete with case studies and helpful techniques for a healthier life.

For some of us, our childhoods were places of unmet emotional needs as the result of emotionally
immature parents. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Lindsay Gibson helps us see how our parent- wounds and their resulting impact can be healed so we can move forward. Discover how to create positive, new relationships so you can build a better life.

Boundaries for Your Soul is a groundbreaking resource to help us confront the shame and wounds that prevent us from living a healthy and boundaried life. If you struggle to make boundaries within yourself and with others, this book is a must read. It includes an engaging quiz and thought provoking stories to help identify the emotions that attempt to control us along with the parts of ourselves that need to heal in order to create the life we were made to live.