Unconventional Self-Care Ebook (Instant Download)

Unconventional Self-Care Ebook (Instant Download)


Have you been feeling burnt out from the demands of daily life?


Constant feelings of emptiness and tiredness are your mind and body's way of telling you that you need to take a break. Even the most hardworking people in the world need to take a step back in order to regain their momentum.



Self-care is a necessity and each of us has different ways of expressing it. Like love, it has many forms and has a deeper meaning that appeals to all the facets of the “self.”



Be more mindful of how you take care of yourself with Gina Brikemeier’s Unconventional Self-Care!



Each one of us has different ways of expressing our self-love. A day of relaxation might be a spa day for some, while others settle for a mellow evening binge-watching their favorite show. Unconventional Self-Care gives practical tips on considering all aspects of your “self,” giving you more opportunities to take care of your mind, body, and spirit.



This workbook approaches self-care differently: it goes beyond pampering and shifts the focus slightly away from material things to habit-building, taking ownership, and making progress. You’ll find worksheets designed to help you include simple self-care habits daily.



Each activity begins with meaningful passages to help you ponder and start an internal dialogue. Unconventional Self-Care is an interactive book filled with post-reflection questions carefully designed to probe deeper into your self-care habits. Although the activities are numbered, feel free to navigate each of the exercises in any order as you see fit.



In this book, you’ll encounter:



How to make your own comfort kit” and “ambition inventory”


Quotes from thought leaders and Bible verses for reflections


Affirmations and prayers before every activity



Become a better steward of the life given to you. Add Unconventional Self-Care to your cart TODAY!