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Deep Waters & Deep Rewards

Do you have a happy place?

Somewhere you go that the moment you arrive your tensions melt away and your face breaks out in a gentle, grateful grin?

Where contentment abounds and life is easier, brighter. Lighter.

If you’re a spiritual person, it’s most likely a place where God meets you with winks and kisses, reminders that He loves you and delights in delighting you.

It’s a place where expressions of gratitude are inevitable, motivated by the pure joy of the gift that is your place.

Perhaps you call it your peaceful place. Safe place. Whatever you call it, it’s where we find our exhale.

If you have such a place, you’re probably thinking of it right now. If so, feel free to pause and bask in the vision conjured in your mind.

Welcome back. I hope the trip was lovely.

For any of you who know me, even a little, you’ll know that my happy place/peaceful place/safe place is at our Lake. We don’t own it of course, but rather share it with thousands of others. Yet, somehow, it’s ours. The pace and manifestations of creation there are like salve to the soul. The deal only sweetened by the fact that many of my loved ones live so close by this place I hold so dear.

When the weather (and water) warms, the blessings of our Lake increase as we’re set free to explore by water the surprises this vast treasure holds. From cooling springs to a wide variety of birds and fish and various members of nature, there is always something to be in awe of. Always a sight to behold.

But within the midst of my beautiful, happy, peaceful, safe place, there is something that requires risk on my part.

You see, I don’t like deep water.

In fact, it’s sort of my kryptonite.

Just typing that sentence made my knees a little weak and my heart beat a little faster. Perhaps because of the vulnerability it takes to say it. Perhaps because saying it calls to mind the deepest of waters I’ve found myself in and I get a little shaky inside.

Having learned this about me, it might surprise you to know that the picture above was taken by me as I drove the jet ski yesterday on Our Lake in waters of who's depths I'm recklessly unaware.

The truth is if I could always see the bottom of the Lake and always know exactly how deep the water is, I would be much happier.

In other words, if I could always control the level of risk, I would feel much better.

But I can’t.

So, I need to decide. Will I let my fear of deep waters rob me of the majesty and treasures this place offers? Or will I take the risks, knowing that more often than not, the rewards will be totally worth it.

Even if at times it’s scary, and even if at times it doesn’t work out the way I want it to.

You know, I think relationships are a lot like our Lake.

At times they require tremendous risks. Pain can be our kryptonite. The fear of it preventing us from leaning in. From daring to connect.

And at times, relationships, whether they’re with friends, family, colleagues, or even God will require tremendous risk and vulnerability.

It will require learning to be comfortable with the discomfort that comes from not being in control.

We can’t always see the bottom, or know exactly how deep we need to go to find the beauty.

But I do know this. Staying shallow, robs us of the opportunity to experience and express life to the full.

So, deep waters be damned, I’m jumping in. Easy? No. Worth it? Yes.

How about you? Where is the place you’ve been wanting to ‘jump in’ but perhaps have been afraid of the outcome? Where are the deep waters that beckon you to explore? Is it with a family member? A friend? Perhaps with God?

Would you be willing to risk (responsibly) today?

You don’t have to go it alone. Reach out to a friend or reach out here. Sharing the journey makes the weight of the risk a little less.

I hope you find your deep water today.

Filled with more than you would have ever dared to imagine.

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