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A Regretless Resolution

There’s something wonderful about ringing in a New Year. The mix of truly relinquishing things you would just as soon forget from the year past; fond retelling of happenings that warmed your heart or, as in my case this year, forever changed your life. In most all situations, it’s fun to unwrap the bright and shiny New Year. So full of possibilities.



I think that’s what it is for me more than anything else. The hope that the New Year brings. Not necessarily the promise of anything in particular, but the promise of potential. It’s the mother of all do overs. The chance to take the chances that we missed in the year that is passing. The opportunity to right wrongs, end things that need ending and begin things that need beginning. We all become resolute to be better, smarter, and healthier.

Some of us look into the New Year with trepidation because of what happened in the year that has just past. Yet even in those moments we hold out hope that it can and will be different this year. We often resolve to be nicer, more patient, more loving, or simply to be ‘more’ or…less.

But somewhere around, oh January 3, if you’re anything like me, you’re already beating the crap out of yourself for breaking those resolutions. Then, we feel a little guilt, a little shame, and a lot of frustration and before we know it we’re saying, “oh well, there’s always next New Year”.

But here is what I forget (and maybe you do too); what I have to remind myself of. I forget that I don’t have to wait for a New Year for my shot at a do-over. My constant ‘second chance’, the True mother of all do-overs (and Father!) is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Now, don’t stop reading! I realize that might sound hokey or cheesy. But I assure you it is the farthest from either.

I would like to say that I do a great job of taking advantage of all that a relationship with Him offers and that I’m great at living those daily opportunities out to the fullest. But often, my lack of involvement and consistency in my relationship with God is part of what I resolve to do better as the New Year unfolds.

Then, I remember it isn’t really about what I do. It’s about Who He is. What He has already done. I guess what I’m saying is I need to remind myself that I don’t have to wait for that big giant do-over that comes only every 365 days and neither do you. The grace of beginning again is mine every moment of every day if I’m willing to take it.

It’s there for you too.

So, here’s my New Year’s wish for you (and for me). It’s more of a bold request I guess, but, as you’re evaluating what this New Year may hold for you, I want to encourage you to add checking out what a relationship with Jesus Christ could mean for you. And if you’ve already done that, great! Still, I’m sure like me, if you look again you’ll see there’s more to find in the depth and richness of a relationship with Him. I can’t promise you it’ll be all sunshine and roses or some easy fix for what’s going on in your life, but I can promise you that your life will never be the same and you’ll be eternally grateful for that.

So find a friend, a safe church or simply talk to the God Who’s already there. Ask Him to show you He’s real. He’s not threatened or offended by such requests.

And if you’ve found most or all of that, great! Then help someone else to do the same. I promise I will too. Oh! While we’re at it, let’s look for the next thing He wants to show us in our relationship with Him. I can say with much certainty He’s waiting for us to open the door to our lives for Him to enter in, or perhaps to be allowed in more deeply than the foyer or that perfectly kept front room.

I hope 2018 is the year you decide to explore this Jesus who thinks you’re to die for.

Because that’s exactly what He did.

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