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MOLV Merch

On The Back

Butterflies are often seen as a symbol of transformation. And at My Out Loud Voice, we wanted to convey that beautiful message of transformation on a whole new level.

You’ll notice the body of our butterfly is a sword. Because often, finding freedom and slaying shame requires a weapon of epic proportions. But not just any sword will do. We wanted one that takes into account the beauty reflected in becoming all we were created to be. As you can see, the hilt of the sword also has a cross shape. This reminds us that our ultimate Weapon is found in Christ.

The chrysalis at the bottom with the broken chains reminds us that to truly be free means to break cycles of pain, shame, addiction, trauma and other sources of oppression and help others do the same. 

That’s why each of our shirts, no matter the message on the front, are part of our Clothed for Impact Initiative which will use proceeds from our shirts and other merch to support organizations that empower women to heal and grow; finding their own freedom.

Each month, you and I will lock arms with the rest of the MOLV Community to nominate and vote on where we would like the proceeds to go.

In giving these shirts as a gift, you not only send a message to the wearer, but to the world that we are all truly better together.

Multiple Fits, Sizes, and Colors Available

"Use Your Out Loud Voice"

To call out injustice. To fight shame. To defend those in needIn solidarity with those pointing out oppression of every kind. To express love where it's needed most. Which is pretty much everywhere. To encourage others to do the same...Use Your Out Loud Voice

"The Chrissy"

If we just listened...This powerful statement is quite the conversation starter. And because of that, it's named for a friend who is great at both starting conversations and listening. This is "The Chrissy". Listen in as Chrissy describes what this means to her:"Listening is a super-power. It brings compassion, understanding, peace and healing. Instead of listening with the intension of responding, what if we just listened? Imagine what we might hear and even see." Are you a good listener or know someone who is? Then this would be the perfect choice!

"The Michele"

Lead with Love. This little but mighty statement comes from another one of our friends. This is "The Michele". And this statement originated for her when her oldest child was diagnosed with autism. She told God she wasn't sure what to do and was so worried about being the best parent. She told us "I just remember hearing God very clearly tell me, 'Just lead with love, Michele and everything will be alright.' And He was right! After that, it just became the way I wanted to live my life and the example I want to set for my kids. It's comforting to know that if all else fails, I can lead with love. Because love never fails."If you're a person that believes like Michele does, that leading with love is the way to go, then "The Michele" is for you!

"The Susan"

You can sit by me. We call this "The Susan". Named after a friend of MOLV, Susan learned at a young age that what people need most is to be truly seen and to feel a part of something. She watched this lived out loud in front of her by her father and the rest of her family growing up. In her own words, "If there's someone lost in the crowd, literally or metaphorically speaking, I'm going to find them and do my best to let them know they are seen, and they are loved." Does this resonate with you? If so, then "The Susan" just might be right for you.

"The Polly"

Let me help you carry that. "The Polly" named after my dear friend who know how to help someone carry the load of their burdens.Whether you've experienced times in your life when the weight of things felt heavier than you could handle alone or perhaps you were the one helping someone else carry the weight of their struggles. Or maybe you've felt God asking you to let Him help you carry your load. If the message resonates with you on either side of the equation, then perhaps "The Polly" is the right choice for you.

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