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Welcome to Your Faithful Brain Ignited! a place to ignite your heart-brain connection at the intersection of faith and science. In this unique companion guide, you will embark on a journey through the materials originally presented by Dr. Leonard Matheson in Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more!

Ignited! takes a practical approach to complex ideas in faith and science and combines them in life-applicable exercises along with real-life experiences and devotions to enhance your relationships with others, yourself and God. This isn’t your typical Bible-study or workbook. This is a very different approach to very different material.

While this book can certainly be enjoyed on its own, to get the most out of your exploration into how faith and science work together to help us develop healthy heart-brain connections, you may consider adding Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more! to enhance your learning and growth.

Coming in 2020….

Generations Deep

Generations Deep explores the story of four generations in one family to reveal how unhealthy and dysfunctional patterns of belief and behavior can repeat from one generation to the next- and what we can do to change those patterns for ourselves and the generations to come.

Licensed professional counselor, Gina Birkemeier, takes us on a journey through her own story which in her words “begins before we take our first breath”, to examine how influences are formed and how we can break these cycles, slay the shame they create and find freedom for ourselves and the generations after us.

Generations Deep helps us discover how unaddressed trauma and emotional wounds can have far reaching implications from one generation to the next, implications much deeper and often less obvious, than the traditionally inherited concerns centered around things like diseases and disorders. As we journey through Gina’s story (and the story of those who came before her), we will discover how our beliefs and behaviors are influenced by the emotional health of those who care for us in our family of origin, which was impacted by those who cared for them, and so on.

As we travel through four generations of Gina’s story, she shares how faith and psychology have informed her personal journey to healing and how we can do that work for ourselves. She provides insights on faith and therapy (and how the two work together), as well as questions to consider along the way about our own story. (Including a questionnaire created with the help of over sixty therapists, specifically for this book!)

In addition to discovering inherited behavioral traits brought about by trauma, Gina shows us the importance of recognizing resiliency traits we may have inherited; why we want to acknowledge the “good”, and the power of Emotionally Corrective Experiences.


Generations Deep will help you build a healthier story of self- as you release the unhealthy and unhelpful influences you have been carrying so you are free to embrace who you have been created to be.