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Does our story begin before we take our first breath?


Exploring the lives of four generations in one family, Generations Deep reveals the unhealthy patterns of behavior that can repeat from one generation to the next, uncovering how we can find ourselves trapped in a cycle of dysfunction if we don't take the time and effort to repair the damage of the past. Gina Birkemeier–a licensed professional counselor, author and speaker--shares her personal story, along with self-help components throughout the book, which allow you to navigate through your own
journey toward healing.  

Gina examines how unaddressed trauma, emotional wounds and false beliefs are passed down and how we can break those cycles that harm us and those we love.  As she shares her raw and sometimes heartbreaking story—as well as the stories of her ancestors—we see how our beliefs and behaviors are influenced by the emotional health of our caregivers. Gina tells a story of bondage to freedom and of shame to self-

Faith and therapy played important roles in Gina's personal healing, and with nearly two decades of experience in counseling and ministry, she uses her personal and professional knowledge to implore us to do our own work to heal. Gina encourages us to consider mental, physical, emotional and spiritual help in doing so.


Offering questions and theories to consider, including a questionnaire created with the help of sixty therapists, Generations Deep will guide you toward your own growth where it’s possible to slay shame and find freedom—for yourself and for generations to come. 


If you are looking for a guide on your journey from familial chaos to peace, clarity, and forgiveness, you need this book. Generations Deep is immensely practical, but it will also have you in tears, in shock, and ultimately inspired to live your very best life. Read this book at your own risk though, because it will forever change how you see yourself and your family.

Welcome to Your Faithful Brain Ignited! a place to ignite your heart-brain connection at the intersection of faith and science. In this unique companion guide, you will embark on a journey through the materials originally presented by Dr. Leonard Matheson in Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more!

Ignited! takes a practical approach to complex ideas in faith and science and combines them in life-applicable exercises along with real-life experiences and devotions to enhance your relationships with others, yourself and God. This isn’t your typical Bible-study or workbook. This is a very different approach to very different material.

While this book can certainly be enjoyed on its own, to get the most out of your exploration into how faith and science work together to help us develop healthy heart-brain connections, you may consider adding Your Faithful Brain: Designed for so much more! to enhance your learning and growth.

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While Gina Birkemeier is a counselor, the content of this website and any of the products provided or recommended by Gina Birkemeier are not specific counseling advice nor are they a substitute for individual counseling. The content and products provided on this website are for informational purposes only.

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