Welcome to this safe place  

I’m Gina and I’m glad you’re here. I hope you’ll receive the words you read on this site and the resources you find as trusted blessings. But building trust takes time. So please take all that you need.
In the meantime, here are a few things that might be of importance to you.


I’m a licensed professional counselor with a master’s degree in psychology and theology from Covenant Theological Seminary and advanced training in trauma and techniques to help people heal from the impact of trauma. I’m also an author, teacher and speaker. You can read more about what I “do” on my LinkedIn page.  But... I’d rather tell you about who I am.


I’m a survivor of a false narrative and the circumstances that helped create it. My early life experiences led me to believe a story about myself that had nothing to do with the story I’ve been created to live. It took a lot of therapy and A LOT of Jesus for me to recognize this. And I know I’m not unique in this way—so many others walk inside untrue, unhelpful, hurtful, limiting stories. 

My passion is to share what I have learned through my own journey to help you slay shame, heal from past hurts and break unhealthy cycles to find the freedom to explore the life your Creator intended for you.


My goal is to shine a bright light on the significance of understanding that the story we tell ourselves most often is the one that becomes most true. I want to inspire you to find the courage to uncover your false narrative, the one that may have resulted from the impact of your family of origin, previous generations and life experiences. 


Here’s my promise to you: I will get vulnerable first. Nothing I share or ask you to consider will come from “the cheap seats”. What I share comes from my own experiences; mostly personal, some professional. Often , a little of both, and sometimes, from others who’ve encouraged and inspired me.


Together, we’ll explore a little faith, a little science, a little perspective and a whole lot of “real”. When all of that intersects, restoration happens. 


It is my privilege to walk alongside you on the path toward integrating new awareness, knowledge, and healing to build a healthier, wholehearted identity as a daughter or son of The King.


I hope you find My Out Loud Voice a safe space to find your own Out Loud Voice.


From my heart to yours,