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Welcome to this safe place  

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. The fact that you are reading this is not an accident. There is something here for you, I’m sure of it. So, roam the halls of this site. Please take what you need and leave any comments or questions you like. My prayer is that in time, you come to see this place as a safe and trusted space. But building trust takes time. So please, take all that you need.


In an effort to get to know each other, let me offer a few things about me that might be of importance to you.


Abundance called me to the work I do.

Growing up, my home life overflowed with chaos and dysfunction, patterns passed down from one generation in my family to the next. As a result, my sense of self and of the world were distorted, along with my sense of value and ability to trust. What I believed about others, myself, and even God was tainted.

The verbal and physical trauma of my childhood resulted in the hallmarks of a traumatic upbringing. For years, I walked around in the fog of a disjointed self-narrative due to missing pieces of my story. The holes in my memory caused by my brain’s response to trauma and, later in life, self-destructive behaviors, made it difficult for me to understand and acknowledge my brokenness. Consequently, embracing the need for healing was difficult, too. The result was pain and shame, perpetuating the cycles of dysfunction that had been passed on to me. I lived out that legacy for more than two decades.

Then came healing.

Over time, I healed from the toxic abundance of my youth through the beautiful abundance of God’s grace combined with some powerful therapeutic interventions. Those life-changing interventions worked because they were designed to honor how God created us to heal and grow.

Once I experienced that kind of healing, and came face to face with a God who saw my worth and loved me unconditionally, I knew I had to tell others. (When you find what makes your heart whole and experience the freedom you deserve, you will want to tell others too.)

Over the years my journey has taken many forms. First in ministry and as a lay counselor to the homeless, those coming out of prison, domestic violence survivors, and single moms.  As I walked with these precious souls, I heard many stories that resonated with my experiences growing up.  I became aware of my inadequacies to help them with their deeper mental and emotional struggles. I knew clinical training was the missing piece, but I also knew that whatever formal education I pursued, it would need to include faith and therapy. 

I pursued my master’s degree in counseling and theology from Covenant Theological Seminary and then advanced training in trauma and techniques to help people heal from the impact of trauma. The study of intergenerational dysfunction and trauma have been areas of particular interest to me as it was a big part of understanding my own journey.

As a therapist, author and teacher, my goal is to shine a bright light on the significance of understanding that the story we tell ourselves most often is the one that becomes most true. I want to inspire you to find the courage to uncover your false narrative, the one that may have resulted from the impact of your family of origin, previous generations and life experiences. 

Much of what you read and experience on my site will likely cause you to take a deeper look at your own story and the stories of those in your family. I realize that is deep, hard work—so here’s my promise to you: I will get vulnerable first. Nothing I share or ask you to consider will come from “the cheap seats.” What I share comes from my own experiences; mostly personal, some professional. Often, a little of both, and sometimes, from others who’ve encouraged and inspired me.


Together, we’ll explore a little faith, a little science, a little perspective and a whole lot of “real”. When all of that intersects, restoration happens. 


It is my privilege to walk alongside you on the path toward integrating new awareness, knowledge, and healing to build a healthier, wholehearted identity as a daughter or son of The King.


I hope you find My Out Loud Voice a safe space to find your own Out Loud Voice.


From my heart to yours,


While Gina Birkemeier is a counselor, the content of this website and any of the products provided or recommended by Gina Birkemeier are not specific counseling advice nor are they a substitute for individual counseling. The content and products provided on this website are for informational purposes only.

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